Sisoft Healthcare Information Systems, the sister company of Cozum Bilgisayar, was established on February, 8th 2010. Cozum Bilgisayar was established in 1987 in Sivas by the same founder Omer SISO, is a family based company which was incorporated in 1989.

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The first Hospital Automation System that operates with DOS was set up in Tokat Hospital.

Software offer ser-vices country wide in Turkey as data processing and post sales technical sup-port with 1761 per-sonnel in 120 healthcare institutions and in 81 Provincial Department of Environment and Forestry as State Hospitals, University Hospitals, Private Hospitals, Health Boards and Medical Centers.

DOS-based software was replaced with WINDOWS versions since 1998.

Working related and independent from the major software the company has several application services as follows

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You may also acces to full information about the sister company (Cozum Bilgisayar) and the software from the provided links.

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